New bridge over Derby Creek

Take To The Hills

Upper trail has been improved and we are restoring the steep, eroded old trail.

Take to the Hills is repairing the much-used Derby Creek Canyon trail (AKA Clark Kerr Trail) connecting the top of Dwight Way with Panoramic  Way.  Most of the trail is in Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, part of the East Bay Regional Park Distrit, which pearmits our work. 

If you have not hiked the trail in a few years you will be delighted at the improvements. Most of the hazardous sections now have stairs or switchbacks.  Invasive French broom has been removed where it is close to the trail, opening elbow room where the trail was constricted.

Now that the trail is in good shape we are beginning to restore native plants alongside.

Our article for The Claremont Canyon Conservancy tells the full story. See pp. 4-5.

Before:  Extensively eroded and dangerous stairs at the top of Dwight.

After: Our new stairs are in place; the old stairs are in the foreground. Neighbors raised $2,000 for materials to install almost 90 treads on the hillside.